Typical Topics.

The actual topics for each group's meeting are driven by the members themselves but here are some examples.

Corporate Development Management

  • Best practices and benchmarks with other corp dev groups.
  • Better aligning and measuring of corporate development ROI.
  • Managing and getting the most from implementers.

Leveraging the Technologies for Development

  • Candid experiences and preferences in development systems.
  • Feedback on the latest development technologies across industries.
  • Successes and dismal failures tried in recent history.

Organizational Structure

  • Aligning structure and models to the development deliverables.
  • Determining the optimum "mix" of development methods.
  • Building a culture of excellence in the corporate development area.
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"Networking is very valuable in not only finding and bringing in the right people for your organization, but in keeping connected with others. You can exchange ideas and learn from other people's experiences."
  - Dov Shenkman, OfficeMax

"I really enjoyed being part of the chapter."
  - Tom Herron, NFRC.

"All speakers were well prepared and put on good programs."
  - Turner Williams, Burr & Forman