Who We Are.

The Corporate Development Summit is an elite group of top corp dev executives who meet monthly to focus on excellence. We share top ideas, best practices, and are committed to each other's success. Exchange best practices with an elite peer group of executives dedicated to each other's top performance. Confidentially exchange what is working, what is not, key strategies and top ideas.

Meeting Format.

Monthly meetings (one-hour teleconferences) provide a powerful forum in which corp dev leaders can exchange what is working, what is not, strategies and ideas in a confidential environment with a dedicated group of other corp dev leaders whose only agenda is to help each other outperform. If you ever miss a meeting, they are all available on the member portal in both video and as PDF summaries.


To join the Corp Dev Summit you must either be one of the top corporate development executives at the corporate or divisional level (common titles include SVP, VP, Director) or be a possible contender to eventually ascend into one of these top positions.

Primary Benefits.

1) Exchange best practices with an elite peer group of Corp Dev Executives dedicated to each other's success.
2) Confidentially exchange what is working, what is not, key strategies and top ideas.
3) Receive counsel from other respected leaders on your planning decisions and strategies.

Summary Video (2 minutes).

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"Talking to peers, kibbutzing and sharing best practices -- it's very powerful. Even at my level of experience, I still learn new things when I go to these."
- Michael Frankel, LexisNexis Group

"When you can get a glimpse of what is going on in the market, even a tiny glimmer of what can happen, you'll be able to jump on a new trend and get ahead of your competition."
- Kerry Desberg, Owens Corning

"I think networking outside your industry is critical to keep the flow of new ideas coming into your mind, and your organization."
- Jim McComb, Bank of America

"The network of relationships between people, whether the old fashioned kind or via new modern social networks, is absolutely critical to operate with speed across geographies and business silos."
- Polly Pearson, EMC Corporation

"Networking is a lifeline to being successful and to helping your group achieve your goals. You have to have a fresh perspective."
- Eric Thomas, Novell

"I find it very invigorating to learn from others and adapt ideas from others, rather than always assuming our way is the best way. Sometimes others have better ideas than we do."
- Larry Quinlan, Deloitte

"It's very valuable to go outside your own industry to look at the skills and value-added processes from other areas, to see what people in other industries are doing, and how they're doing it, to apply to your own industry."
- Dennis Deering, Diebold

"Networking inside the company and outside the company is equally important. We've hired a lot of great talent because of networking."
- Ed Smith, Equifax

"Networking helps me review business issues with peers. And of course, by networking, I am able to hire some of the best people to join the Go Daddy family."
- Michael Zimmerman, GoDaddy